About Rob

Rob is an attorney, a past business owner and a 20+ year resident of Clark County.

Rob Telles Las Vegas

rob's qualifications ANd personal info

01. Beyond having prior owned his own small business, Rob has worked as a supervisor in both private industry and government settings. Rob has developed a management skillset that helps his team succeed.

02. Rob is an attorney whose area of law was probate before he was elected to office. Rob's understanding of the law has given him the tools needed to navigate the complicated legal issues in probate cases.

03. Rob is compassionate. He has served nonprofits in various capacities and donated often to worthwhile causes. Rob believes in supporting our community in every way possible.

04. Rob is a family man with a beautiful, intelligent wife and three usually wonderful children.


Rob is a mexican-american whose roots in blue-collar work have formed his principles of diversity, equality and fairness.

rob's positions on good leadership

01. Rob believes that our most talented workforce comes from all walks of life. When Rob entered the office, there were no fulltime African-American employees. Rob can proudly say that nearly half of the in-office workforce is made up of hardworking, skilled African-Americans.

02. Rob has always believed in the protection of employee rights. Rob has always advocated that employees consult with their union to address any complaints for which the union may assist them.

03.As someone who makes mistakes on occasion, Rob has always encouraged his staff to overlook their mistakes and learn from them. Learning from our mistakes is the best way to minimize those future mistakes.

04. Rob has only ever addressed issues with county-approved disciplinary measures in cases of intentional interference with operations of the department and gross negligence that costs the taxpayers real money.


Rob has worked tirelessly to provide results for the residents of Clark County. 

Rob's ongoing commitment

01. Rob works with the other county departments to ensure that the Clark County Public Administrator supports those departments in delivering resources to Clark County residents.

02. Rob performs day-to-day work to support the operations of the Clark County Public Administrator. Rob is a hands on director who gets work done.

03. Rob seeks out the opinions of those Clark County residents who are served by the office to ensure that the Clark County Public Administrator is always providing the best service possible.

04. Rob is constantly thinking of ways to better serve Clark County and implementing new policies for better service.


Under Rob's leadership, the Clark County Public Administrator is serving more families and protecting more property.

just Some of the results

01. The Clark County Public Administrator's office has doubled the amount of property it protects for Clark County families over past years.

02. The Clark County Public Administrator's office is now addressing double the cases over past years. The pandemic has nearly doubled the cases referred but the office has been able to successfully address the increase in cases.

03. Rob has instituted procedures that allow the office to better deliver for Clark County. The procedures created by Rob have allowed the Clark County Public Administrator's office to handle a significant increase in cases.

04. The Clark County Public Administrator's office has reduced its case backlog by hundreds under Rob's leadership, getting more property into families' hands sooner than ever before.

Unparalleled Knowhow 

Rob has used his experience as a probate lawyer and pAST small business owner to make big changes to improve the Clark County Public Administrator's service delivery.


01. Rob proposed legislation that was passed to better protect family assets and provide additional tools to allow the Clark County Public Administrator to better serve Clark County.

02. Rob created procedures to help staff navigate the complicated world of probate administration. There are so many critical components to a probate. The procedures created thus far have made a big impact on the way the Clark County Public Administrator serves families.

03. Rob has utilized his own probate experience to better interact with the attorneys who assist the Clark County Public Administrator with administering probate cases.

04. Rob personally redesigned the website for the department, providing more information to better educate Clark County residents on the probate process and the services provided by the Clark County Public Administrator.

Future Plans

Rob has big plans to further improve the service provided by the Clark County Public Administrator.

what's next

01. Rob introduced several laws at the last legislative session. However, there are even more laws that should be modified or created to allow the Clark County Public Administrator to best serve Clark County. Rob will be introducing even more laws in the next session.

02. While Rob has already created numerous procedures and policies to improve the internal operations of the Clark County Public Administrator, Rob will continue his work to provide employees the tools they need.

03. Rob will continue to develop assistance to the other Clark County departments that serve the same constituents to ensure that those departments have ample support as those other departments deliver their best service to our community.

04. Rob will continue his focus on delivering the best possible service for Clark County while ensuring that the office works as efficiently as possible. Rob believes in the duty to be a good steward for taxpayer funds.