UPDATE 7/1/2022

Yesterday, Rita attempted to manufacture another scandal to publish in the RJ. This one was potentially manufactured at the expense of a child's safety. I hope the claim was a total fabrication. Otherwise, the inaction by her and Karen Kelly may have led to the continued endangerment of a child.

Yesterday, Rita sent me an email at nearly noon, alleging that a child had been left in a vehicle, potentially by one of my employees. The alleged incident supposedly occurred a little after 8 am. To be clear, Rita sent me an email nearly four hours after the alleged incident supposedly out of concern for the child's safety. Nothing else had been done to address this serious child neglect.

If a child was found unattended in a vehicle, a reasonable leader with access to resources would have immediately contacted the police and stationed the security guard to watch the vehicle. However, in this situation, supposedly the vehicle was left unattended for nearly twenty minutes while Rita and Karen investigated whether one of my employees had left the child in the vehicle.

In her email, Rita talks about how serious child neglect is. I agree that child neglect is extremely serious. However, it seems I believe it is more serious than Rita and Karen. For Rita and Karen, it was not serious enough to immediately call the police or post security. It was only serious enough to write an email nearly four hours later with allegations that one of my employees "might" have been the perpetrator.

This latest episode is just another unfortunate fabrication by Rita Reid and her supporters. My hope is only that it was a total fabrication. I hope they truly did not put a child at risk in an effort to manufacture another story about me.

You can find the email written by Rita and my response here.

The police were finally contacted after my responsive email. Because this person was not actually caught in the act, if the incident really occurred, it is unlikely that an investigation will go anywhere. If a child really was at risk, someone who was concerned with the safety of this child would have immediately acted to protect the child. Again, I hope this was only a total fabrication.

One last note, if Rita and Karen had been successful in this effort, not only would they have put a child at risk for another story in the newspaper, the story would have focused on and damaged another employee who had done nothing wrong. Rita has absolutely no concern for the lives she may destroy in her bid to turn me into a monster in the eyes of voters she needs for the general election.

UPDATE 6/19/2022

I wanted to add just a bit more to the original page that you can find below this header. I wanted to be sure to elaborate just a bit more for you. At this point, I do believe I will lose this race, and I am looking forward to going back to the practice of probate law where I can continue to help families.

Why then provide this update? Well, I have always believed in justice and doing the right thing. I know it may sound naïve, but that is how I feel. I believe it is important to lay out the truth only to share with you what really occurred here. It makes no other difference at this point.

If you are reading what I am writing here to find something about which you can be upset, I am sure you will find it here. If you are interested in learning more about all this, you will find that, too.

Frankly, when I entered the office, I had hoped to rally the team. I wanted to fix what was wrong with the office and show the team that there was a better way. Unfortunately, some of the team preferred to stoke fears amongst themselves that I wanted to fire them. In hindsight, it was to justify to themselves what they were going to do to me.

For my part, I sent encouraging emails and often thanked all the team members for their efforts in person. I did my best to recognize them for their good work. Unfortunately, that just was not good enough for some people.

Now, you might think that I am no longer going to be in the office at the end of this term that the people in the article would be satisfied no matter who won the race for public administrator. However, Rita must win if she is going to make good on promotions for her supporters.

If Rita does not win, then her position will not be vacated. Then, the employee who wanted her position will not get it. This person wanted to work in that position for three years to obtain a much higher monthly payment in retirement.

For that reason, Jeff German and John Cahill may not be done trying to drag me through the mud.  To ensure that Democrats rally around Rita, they would have to turn most Democratic voters against me even now when I should be irrelevant. Don't be surprised if the articles keep coming.

Through all of these articles, I have had the support of my family and friends. Despite what Jeff German and John Cahill have tried to do to me personally, I have been backed up by love and support that helped me to keep fighting for re-election. While I have lost, I still yet have that love and support.

I am grateful for those who know me and believe in me, for the voters and organizations who maintained their support, and the people who tried to help me win the race.

Continued public office was clearly not in the cards for me. There are so many other ways that people are involved in the community without holding public office. I look forward to continuing my work for the community in these other capacities.


While many of you have contacted me with support, I know that some may believe the allegations made in the article by the local rightwing paper. You may believe that I betrayed your trust. You may believe I am not the man that I have always portrayed myself to be. Some of you may not know all the good work that I have done for Las Vegas. I hope by the end of this page you will see what I know to be true. The article was false.

The article was intentionally gut-wrenching. It was so ugly that you almost had to believe it was true. I can understand why you might have, with the writer's skill at pushing buttons. Also, the timing of the article was very convenient for my opponent, Rita Reid. My hope now is to present the facts to you so that you may reconsider your opinion if you believed the article to be true.

1. The people in the article would have you believe that I could mistreat them for years without action from Clark County. Clark County has no tolerance for abusive behavior. Furthermore, the Commissioners are very serious about protecting employee rights. They certainly would not have stood for it if I was mistreating the employees.

2. They failed to mention SEIU in the article. The majority of these employees are SEIU members. If I was mistreating the employees in any way, SEIU would have held me and Clark County accountable.

3. They would have you believe the only remedy possible for my removal is to have the voters vote me out and vote for my opponent from the office. However, that is not true. There are currently investigations going on as to the actions of all the actors in this matter. I know that Clark County will find that I have done nothing wrong. Nonetheless, if they were to find that I was acting the way that was claimed, I would be referred to the State for removal.

You might then ask what has motivated people to lie about me if I have done nothing wrong. Obviously, the lengths to which Rita Reid and these individuals have gone is incredible. They are seeking to destroy me both personally and professionally. I can tell you what I know.

1. I made significant changes in structure and operating procedures, increasing efficiency, over their objections that it is not the way things were done.

2. After increasing efficiency, I cut overtime for the employees. One employee made around double her salary for several years before I cut the overtime off. They were not happy.

3. I have held employees accountable using Clark County-approved forms of discipline when actions were either intentional or grossly negligent, such that they costed the taxpayers money.

4. I set expectations that employees not spend the majority of the workday chatting. While I stated on several occasions they could no longer do that, I still yet emphasized that it was fine to take ten minutes here and there to chat, on top of the breaks and lunches that are available to them.

5. Beyond what I did above, two of the employees were promised promotions if my opponent from the office won. Another employee, a part-time employee, was promised a fulltime position.

After my opponent from the office, Rita Reid, announced her candidacy, her supporters in the office began to ramp up interference with our operations. After the article, this included harassing other employees in the office. Tragically, these other employees have suffered mental and physical effects.

At this point, nothing can be done while the investigations are going on. It is upsetting to see the real harassment going on that will never be in the paper. Unfortunately, my hands have been tied for now. I believe my opponent and her followers were goading me into disciplining them for the harassment so they can run back to the newspaper for another article.

When my assistant county manager offered to have Mike Murphy come in as my assistant, I immediately accepted the help. Having a third-party observer in the office would keep these people from continuing their hostility in the office. In my written statement (link at end of page), I noted that Mike Murphy was coming in as my assistant public administrator. However, the article did not say that. The reporter wanted to make it sound as though Mike Murphy was a babysitter for me, not my opponent and her supporters.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a remedy for removing me even if I win re-election and I am found to have done wrong. On the other hand, I believe Rita Reid and her supporters in the office see this as their last chance to get what they want. Also, I am sure Rita Reid is counting on a win so she can shield her supporters from being disciplined for their actions against the other employees the past couple of months.

If I win, I will be certain that Clark County is directly involved in any discipline that results from the findings of County’s investigations. I will be sure SEIU is involved as well, as they can be sure that the rights of all the employees are protected during the process.

I have worked for years to help people, both professionally and in the community. A look at my website, my social media and LinkedIn show just some of the good work that I have done. I believe there are people who will find it hard to reconcile the claims in the article with what I have done in my life.  That is because the article is false.

I am still campaigning hard to win this race. I have maintained all my union endorsements and I continued to received endorsements after the article. I have been working with other candidates to spread the word. I am working hard to win re-election, and I believe I will win.


Rob Telles

Link to written statement here.

P.S. I had hoped the truth would come out publicly. At one point, I sought legal counsel to see if legal action was an option. Unfortunately, it appears that this would have only done more harm than good. Suing a newspaper, like the Las Vegas Review Journal, is near impossible. Suing my own employees is not a good option either. Also, given the newspaper’s leaning, it is unlikely that they would publish a letter to the editor from me. I emailed information to another news outlet, but it seems they were not interested in the story (Frankly, it seems no other news outlet was interested in picking up this story from any viewpoint, which further speaks to its credibility.).